Our mission

In recent years, the insurance market has been rapidly digitizing, automating and generally moving toward a virtual environment. This phenomenon of recent years is, in short, known as insurtech. This is a very significant phase of the transformation of the insurance industry, which also brings with it tremendous opportunities, of which we are fully aware.

We have created a platform for you that brings together companies and start-ups that are participating in this transformation. Through the ČIA (Czech Insurtech Association), we provide you with support in the form of representation and defense of individual opinions of all our members, as well as consultations in the fields of IT, legal, economics and marketing.

Why become a ČIA member?

As a result of cooperation with angel investors, incubators, venture capital funds and innovation centers, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, you have the opportunity to effortlessly connect the financial and the digital ecosystems, and thus accelerate the achievement of your goals. Or we will simply assist you with placement in incubators or on crowdfunding platforms.

We organize conferences, seminars and training courses, and moderate meetings of specialists to spread awareness and increase the public's education in and image of insurtech.

Last but not least, we are actively involved in the co-creation of state policy in the area of insurtech development and regulation. We propose and promote more favorable legal and tax conditions for operating within the field of insurtech.